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Electric Fields Made Visible

Physics educator James Lincoln helps people understand the natural world. The gifs above are from a Youtube video he made on how to “see” an electric field, the region around a charged object where electric force is experienced. When the object is positively charged, electric field lines extend radially outward from the object. When the object is negatively charged, the lines extend radially inward.  

Click the gifs for more info or see the full video below.

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If you want to kill yourself, kill what you don’t like. I had an old self that I killed. You can kill yourself too, but that doesn’t mean you got to stop living.
Archie’s Final Project. Dir. David Lee Miller. (via wordsnquotes) ←



when you draw a character so much you memorize their design and you dont have to look at a reference


when you actually look back at the reference and realize youve been drawing them wrong the whole time


  • Makoto: Making my way downtown
  • Makoto: Walking Fast
  • Makoto:
  • Makoto: Walking slightly slower so that my steps match up with Haru's because he's shorter than me


lookin through all your old art like



romeo being weeaboo trash


Up concept art by Lou Romano